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History of high – rise buildings in Iran

History of high – rise buildings in Iran

at the end of the history of the tall buildings of iran , the edifice of the penthouse suite ( in the years 2000 – 2009 ) . it is one of the most beautiful monuments of the city which has been considered as the tallest building in the city during the ten – year history of tehran ( as the capital ) . the beginning of the fundamental transformation of tehran was done in reza khan era . after reaching the throne , he took refuge in northern tehran and encouraged people to build houses around that boulevard . those who made four stories were awarded prizes for getting bricks and exemption from duties .

since the reign of imperial monarchy ( according to our solar system ) , tehran has expanded dramatically , and buildings and edifices have been created in the new architecture style in the era of the monarchy . in the years 2000 – 2009 . sh the structure of the building was designed by architect and architect . at the end of the second world war and after world war ii , construction of the tallest building in tehran was started by ali akbar and the publisher of tehran . it was the tallest building in iran and was the tallest building in iran at the end of the 1960 s , and because at the end of the 1960 s , an advertising company for a product advertised on top of it a large balloon into the air .

in the years 2000 – 2011 , at the end of the construction of a building located at the intersection of ferdowsi street and the republic ( former king ) , which is said to have been israeli designers , the second tallest building in the middle class and the style of american buildings was built in tehran . the building was the first tall building with all the metal skeletons in iran , whose skeleton was visible from outside . the commercial building had two – storey , two – storey basement , two – floor elevator , an elevator and a commercial unit in abidjan , which unfortunately the building collapsed on thursday , after two years since the construction of the fire . as soon as the burning clock struck , a number of firefighters were still outside and inside the building .

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In 1964 , a 13 – storey aluminium building was built with a metal skeleton equipped with two elevator machines on the Republican Road . The building , built around 30 thousand square metres of infrastructure , was built on land of square meters , predicting 55 commercial and commercial units on each floor , and surprisingly , it lacks an emergency staircase . In the first few times a fire broke out in the floors of the building , the fire department pointed out that it was unsafe each time in reports that the building , which is about 3,000 people at any time .

Milad tower

milad tower of tehran is the highest tower in iran and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world .
milad tower of tehran is the 20th tallest freestanding structure ( such as wires and towers ) and the first place in terms of the extent of the use of the structure is the head of the tower with the base of 6 meters .
in 2009 , the project was launched and began in 2006 . the construction stages of milad tower took 30 years and finally , in october 2004 , the seal was opened . the opening slogan was : ” the sky is close ! ‘
now , ten years after the construction of milad tower , the tower has become one of tehran ‘s symbols and is one of the symbols of tehran and is one of tehran ‘s leisure poles .

the time to visit milad tower is all day from morning to hour , which is specific to visit inside the tower and does not have any restrictions . if you have prepared your ticket , you should print it to the ground floor . also , children under 18 need no tickets .
this beautiful tower has several cultural , artistic and recreational areas . be our virtual tour guest to know the milad tower and milad tower .

Nowadays there are several towers and it is under construction that Milad tower with 435 meters height. It is a communication tower
and the tallest tower in Iran and it is the sixth tower in the world. B.I.M International tower construction group is proud to be the only
construction company in order to residential towers that includes construction, management and quality in international projects

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